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How to Check Fake Followers on Instagram?

In the rapidly evolving realm of social media, influencer marketing has become a potent weapon for brands to engage with their desired demographic. Nevertheless, this approach is not without its hurdles, and one such obstacle is the prevalence of counterfeit followers. In this article, we will delve into the impact of recruiting a fake influencer with fake followers and provide you with insights on how to identify and avoid this pitfall.

The Impact of Recruiting a Fake Influencer with Fake Followers:

Authenticity holds utmost importance in the digital domain. Genuine connections between influencers and their followers form the basis of successful influencer marketing campaigns. When an influencer relies on fake followers to increase their numbers, it undermines the trust and credibility they have established with their audience.

Creator Dishonesty and Its Consequences:

Creators who engage in acquiring fake followers undermine the trust that brands and followers place in them. This dishonesty can have far-reaching consequences. Brands that collaborate with such influencers may face disappointment when the expected return on investment (ROI) doesn’t materialize.

Furthermore, agencies providing fake followers may also engage them in liking a brand’s social media page. When eagle-eyed consumers spot these fake followers, the brand’s reputation takes a hit. This discovery not only erodes credibility but also discourages honest creators from considering collaborations.

The Financial and Reputation Cost:

Partnering with fake influencers can lead to wasted resources and a tarnished reputation. Brands may experience minimal to no ROI, and in some cases, even negative impacts on their brand image. The expense of recruiting these influencers, coupled with the potential damage they can cause, emphasizes the importance of vigilance in the influencer selection process.

What are Fake Followers?

Fake followers are essentially hollow vessels, social media accounts established solely to boost the number of followers. These accounts lack genuine engagement and often don’t belong to active users. Some fake profiles even steal personal information from real accounts, making the situation more concerning.

Unmasking Fake Followers:

Spotting fake followers requires a keen eye. Often, these accounts have sparse activity, with few or no posts. The profile pictures may not represent real individuals, and reverse image searches can expose such deception. Fake followers might also leave generic, shallow comments on posts, typically lacking any meaningful engagement.

Engagement patterns are another giveaway. Genuine followers interact consistently, while fake followers exhibit a sudden spike in engagement followed by periods of inactivity.

How to Check Fake Followers on Instagram

How to Recognize Influencers with Fake Followers?

Vetting potential influencers is a crucial step in your marketing strategy. Seek out creators who genuinely connect with their audience. Authenticity shines through in the way they engage with their followers.

Seeking Authenticity:

Ethan Frame, Senior Manager of Influencer Marketing at MVMT, emphasizes the importance of evaluating an influencer’s connection to their audience. This authentic connection is a clear indicator of an influencer’s worth.

Utilizing the Fake Follower Check Tool:

A valuable tool in your arsenal is the fake follower audit tool. This tool assigns a score based on follower activity, with higher scores reflecting healthier engagement. Creators who display unpredictable or questionable conduct will receive lower scores.

Using the Tool Effectively:

Keep in mind that tool results are not definitive. Scores often reveal patterns that are frequently observed among creators who have fake followers. A low score doesn’t automatically mean an influencer is deceptive, and a high score doesn’t guarantee authenticity. Analyze the creator’s content and engagement to make an informed decision.


The allure of influencer marketing is undeniable, but its success hinges on authenticity. Engaging in partnerships with influencers who use fraudulent followers can result in disillusionment and a tarnished image. Safeguard your brand by thoroughly vetting creators and prioritizing genuine connections.

As you build your influencer community, prioritize authenticity and connection. By doing so, you’ll cultivate a network of creators who not only elevate your brand but also contribute positively to the influencer marketing landscape.

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