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How to Find Trending Songs on Instagram

Are you looking to enhance your Instagram presence through Reels? Incorporating trending audio is an effective approach to begin with. Curious about trending sounds? Wondering where to find them and how to spot the ones that are becoming popular? Well, you’re in for a treat! We have all the information you need to uncover trending songs on Instagram Reels. Just delve into this article and explore our expert tips.

What Constitutes Trending Sounds on Reels?

When a sound or song gains “trending” status on Reels, it signifies that its popularity is on the rise; marked by a small arrow adjacent to the audio’s name. Although Instagram hasn’t officially disclosed the criteria for deeming a sound as a trend, it is widely believed that momentum plays a significant role. Therefore, if a particular audio starts to be consistently used or saved, the likelihood of it receiving the trending arrow increases, regardless of its age.

4 Effective Strategies for Finding Trending Songs on Your Instagram Reels:

Discover the top six game-changing strategies to find trending music and sounds for your Instagram Reels, turbocharging your audience engagement.

4 Effective Strategies for Finding Trending Songs on Your Instagram Reels:

1. Bookmark Later’s Weekly Reels Trends Blog:

The emergence of the weekly Reels trends blog later on proved to be an invaluable tool for saving time and staying informed about the latest trends on Instagram. Every week, a team of social media specialists updates the blog with the top trends on Instagram Reels – this encompasses audio suitable for business profiles. Additionally, the blog delves into the application of trends within your specific niche.

2. Scroll Through Your Instagram Reels Feed:

If you’re already investing time in watching Reels, spotting trending sounds should be a seamless task. To start creating content with the trending sound on Instagram, open the app and go to the Reels Explore page. Look for the small arrow indicator and tap it. This will give you information about the sound’s origin, how many Reels have used it, and a collection of Reels that have utilized it. Once you’re ready to film, just tap the Use Audio button.

3. Explore Instagram’s Weekly Trend Report:

The Instagram account @creators is a valuable asset for staying informed about Reels. Creators are provided with the top trends on Instagram Reels every Friday by Instagram. Furthermore, @creators frequently imparts general Instagram advice, including valuable insights about the platform’s algorithm.

4. Follow Accounts Featuring Trending Reels:

If you’re not inclined to undertake the heavy lifting yourself, there’s good news; Certain creators consistently identify the latest trends, enabling you to craft content that reaches a broader audience. Check out accounts like Reels Tips, which guides you through transitions, timing, and edits related to trends. Creators offer a wealth of tips and tutorials that cater to the needs of brands and small businesses, including trending audio, providing them with valuable benefits.

5. Utilize Instagram Reels Templates:

Instagram Reels Templates offer a convenient way to seamlessly integrate your content into pre-designed templates, complete with pre-selected audio. Upon locating a suitable template, it’s time to let your creativity flow. While these templates may not always incorporate trending audio, they typically feature songs that are gradually gaining popularity within the community.

To begin using the Reels Templates, navigate to the Reels tab and tap on the camera icon. Proceed to the “Templates” tab within the video editor, where you’ll encounter a variety of Reel templates, including those that are currently trending. It’s important to note that while these templates may not always use trending audio, they generally employ songs that are steadily gaining traction.


Navigating trends on Instagram Reels doesn’t have to be a daunting task when you’re armed with the right resources. By embracing these well-crafted strategies, you’re well-equipped to effortlessly uncover and incorporate trending songs, sounds, and templates into your Reels content. This not only enhances your engagement but also contributes to a dynamic and captivating Instagram presence.

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